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Vacuum Stopper Vignon

Menu Vacuum Stopper Vignon

Art.No.: 201-4656039
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Good-looking, small  - but highly effective – the vacuum bottle stopper.

Far too much great wine goes to waste because a whole bottle is often too much – the wine goes sour before it is finally drunk. With the new vacuum stopper, just a few pump actions will remove all the air from the bottle and seal it for up to six days. The new vacuum stopper is small, handy and great to look at – and goes perfectly with the new decanting pourer models.
Our new wine range comes in a variety of materials and prices, which means everyone can afford to make good wine even better.
Design: Jakob Wagner
Material: stainless steel, rubber, synthetic material
Measures: Length 2.7 cm, Width 2.7 cm, Height 8 cm, Diameter 2.7 cm
Weight: 0.116 kg
Category: Menu Wine Accessories
Color: black
Material: plastic; rubber; stainless steel
Designer: Jakob Wagner
Series: Vignon


The family company is founded by Simon Hansen. The company specialises in selling steel products to the catering sector
Danish Steel House is established
Bjarne Hansen develops the Irish Coffee set which is a huge succes, with over 1 mio. pcs. Sold.
MENU is established.
The designer Pernille Vea joins the company and develops many unique products, which today have become best-sellers, f.inst the Galerie Candleholder.
Scandinavian Living  is established as mother company for the individual brands: MENU, MENU pro, QDO og Unique Interior
Scandinavian Living  is established as mother company for the individual brands: MENU, MENU pro, QDO og Unique Interior

• Scandinavian Design Originals
In everything we do we thrive to be Scandinavian originals with a twist.
• In every product we send to market we want to create added value to the category either through deliver to demand or to deliver beyond – be innovative.
• Every menu designer is designing in the Scandinavian original style.
• Communication strategy
• Our priority is to Build awareness to the menu concept – menu as a top Scandinavian design brand.
• We are adjusting our communication tools to each market.
• We Implement our communication strategy into all communication parameters (advertising, brand catalogue, cross-selling folders, internet).
• Our way to brand our products is in a very exclusive and simplistic way but with at human touch.

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Vacuum Stopper Vignon

Vacuum Stopper Vignon